Home Editorial Geico insurance card template – Beware of fraud

Geico insurance card template – Beware of fraud

Geico insurance card template

Geico insurance card template

Geico insurance card is the identifier given when one takes an insurance policy with Geico and the insurance proof card issued must show as the Geico insurance card template below.

Geico insurance card template

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Reasons why you shouldn’t use fake auto insurance card

When insurance fraud is mentioned, the first thing that come to mind is a person getting scammed with fake insurance documentation and insurance card, but it also includes people who advertently break the law by getting fake insurance cards.

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It may be tempting to think of downloading a template of insurance card, filling it out and keeping a printed version for presentation when you get pulled up, but these reasons show that it’s not in your best interest to do that,

1. The DMV knows

When your insurance elapse and you fail to renew, the DMV knows because insurance companies liaise with the DMV on the status on insurance for vehicles and it is just a matter of time that you’re busted for for insurance fraud.

2. You won’t have actual insurance when you need it

The purpose of insurance is to take of huge burdens off your should in the event of an accident and not having a fake insurance card to get away from cops will prove costly when you are involved in an accident and need those insurance money to offset your cost incurred.

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