711 money order – Quick guide, fees, limits and cheaper alternatives

711 money order

Popular US-based chain convenience store 7-Eleven, is known for it’s retail services, but did you also know it offer financial services such as the 711 money order?. 7-Eleven is known basically for operating 24-7 stores selling affordable food, frozen beverages and even alcohol.

With over 9000 stores across the US, 7-Eleven also offer financial services like Money order, gift cards, prepaid cards among others. Here in this article, we discuss how to buy a 711 money order, the applicable fees and the limits. Keep reading to know more.

What is money order?

Money order is a secure means of making payment which less complicated than check. The requirement is that, the amount stated on the order be prepaid, eliminating the risk of bouncing. In addition, money orders are not easy to cancel unlike checks. This make money orders a trusted payment option.

711 money order

From the nearest 7-Eleven store, you can purchase a 711 money order for either Western Union or MoneyGram. Customers are given options to pay for their money order including:

  • Cash,
  • debit Card.

To purchase a 711 money order, visit the nearest 7-eleven store, tell the register you want to buy a money order, also inform them of the amount you wish to buy. You will be informed of the fees you have to pay.

It is worthy of note that a 711 money order cannot exceed $500, therefore if you wish to send more than that amount, you will need to buy more than one money order. Some 7-eleven locations require photo identification, so it’s advisable to carry your drivers license with you just incase.

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Once you provide the necessary information including payment, your money order will be printed out for you. The order will be issued by Western Union or MoneyGram. Notably, 711 is not printed on it. You must fill it with the following information.

  1. Pay to the order of: In this section of the money order, enter the full name of the person who will be cashing the 711 money order. This ensures that even if the money order is lost, the one who finds it can’t cash it.
  2. Purchaser’s address: Write your address in this section.
  3. Payment for account: If the money order is for the payment of a bill, write your account number with the provider in this space.
  4. Signature: Sign your signature in the space provided for purchaser’s signature.

At the back of the money order, is space provided for endorsement, DO NOT write anything in that space. It is for the 7-Eleven register to endorse during the cash out process. After completion, split the printout through the perforated line.

Afterwards, keep the bottom half, which is the receipt and mail the 711 money order to the person it is intended for. Keep the receipt safe as it will be the means of getting a refund if the money order is lost. Fill out the information required at the back of the receipt.

7-Eleven money order fees and limits

You can purchase a 711 money order at a fee of $0.65 at the nearest 7-Eleven location. There is a limit on how much you can put on a single money order. Each purchase has a limit of $500.

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If you wish to send more than $500, you may need to buy more than one money order. Alternatively, you can use any of the 711 money order alternative providers list below.

7 eleven money order

Money order near me

Aside 7-eleven stores, there are many other places you can buy a money order at a cheap price with higher limits than a 711 money order. Try any of the following money order providers near you.

CVS Money order

From the nearest CVS location to you, you can buy a money order at a fee of $1.25 which comes with a limit of $500. In comparison with a 711 money order, the latter is cheaper even though both has same limit amount per purchase.

Walmart money order

Walmart also offers money order services and you can purchase a Walmart money order at the nearest Walmart to you. The fee per money order depends on location but doesn’t exceed $1. The Walmart money order limit stands at $1000.

Compared to other money order providers such as CVS and 711, Walmart offers this service at a much cheaper rate, however, a photo identification is required. Make sure to take one along.

Money order Publix

At any Publix food and pharmacy shop, you can buy a money order. Simply inform the cashier of your intention to buy a money order, state the amount and other relevant details and make payment.

Please note that the limit of money you can have on a money order at Publix is $500. Publix charges a fee of $0.89 per money order. You can purchase multiple if you want to send more than $500. Modes of payment accepted include cash and PIN-protected Debit cards.

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Comparatively, 711 money order and Walmart money order are cheaper than a Publix Money Order. Also note that, even though Publix issues money orders, you can’t cash a money order at Publix.

Publix money order

Safeway Money order

Safeway is another alternative to 711 money order. They offer money order services via Western Union. Safeway money order limit is $500 with each money order issued costing $0.59. That’s one of the cheapest among the Money Order providers.

To make a purchase, you’re required to pay with either cash or a debit card. Cashing out at Safeway however, is not possible as they don’t offer cash out services for money orders.

Safeway money order
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Can you buy a money order with a credit card?

Most often than not, you will need cash or debit card to buy a money order, credit cards are not acceptable, except in a few points like Western Union. The reason is that, the funds for a money order purchase must be prepaid.

One downside to paying with a credit card for a money order is that, your credit card company will see a money order as a cash advance, which can attract additional fees and interest. Therefore the cheapest and most accepted method of buying a money order is with cash or a debit card.


Buying a 711 money order is quite easy and straightforward. The alternatives listed in this article can also be explored if you’re looking for money order near you. Remember that most often, you need a debit card or cash in order to make a money order purchase. Credit cards are mostly not accepted.

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