Chime bank address and how to get customer support

Chime Bank address

Chime customers looking to get support from the platform to address their concerns can reach them via Chime bank address, customer number and other channels that this article will discuss.

Chime is among the biggest mobile banking apps in the US offering users convenience of banking on the go in addition to products such as cash advance and loans.

Chime Bank Address

The headquarters of Chime Bank is located in San Francisco, California and can be reached through the following Chime bank address, email and customer service number.

Chime Head Office
P.O. Box 611,
San Francisco, CA 94104

Chime Customer Service contact
Phone: 844-244-6363

Chime Bank routing number

Routing numbers are a means to automate deposits, or for wire transfers. They function like an account number for banks and when coupled with your account number, they allow the transfer of funds to or out of your account with accuracy. It is also fast and secure.

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Chime Bank has two routing numbers that customers can find on their account by following these steps.

  1.  Visit your Chime Bank account via the mobile app or the chime website,
  2. From your account, go to Direct deposits from the Move Money section,
  3. From the Direct deposits section, you will see the name and routing number of the bank that provides services for your Chime spending account.

There are basically two Chime Bank routing numbers

  • The Bancorp Bank: 031101279
  • Stride Bank, N.A: 103100195

What bank is Chime on Zelle

Chime is technically a financial services provider not a traditional bank, and therefore needs an actual bank to provide it with banking services. There are two banks chime is on Zelle and other apps.

  1. The Bancorp Bank
  2. Stride Bank
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Even though Chime isn’t technically a bank, customer’s deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) so they are safe and secured.

How to unlink bank account from Chime

To deactivate the linked account of your Chime Checking Bank Account, follow these steps:

  • Select your name on the upper right-hand corner and choose Settings.
  • Scroll down to view the accounts list.
  • Choose the account you would like to erase to show to the link to the account, click on the Unlink button, then choose Unlink.
  • From mobile apps choose Settings. Settings.
    To use the iPhone for iPhone: the gear icon located in the upper-left corner.
    To use Android The option in the menu on the side.
  • Left click on the account you’d like to erase to reveal the delete button. Click it and choose the option to delete.
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Chime Spotme

Chime Spotme is a product of Chime which offers advance cash to customers, payable on the next deposit. The offer allows you to overdraft your chime card and comes in handy when you run short on funds during a purchase.

The cash advance is interest-free, comes with no monthly fee and overdraft fees. Chime Spotme offers up to $200 in advance cash. However, users start from $20 and with prompt payment and more deposits, the cash advance limit increases up to $200.


Chime Bank is a very convenient way of banking and if you’re having issues and need help, you can get in touch through the Chime bank address, email or the Chime customer support number.

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