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7 apps like Klover in 2023

apps like Klover

Klover is an instant cash advance app that lets you gain access to up to $100 with no credit check. There are apps like Klover that compares favorably or even better that you can consider for your cash advance and small instant loan needs.

Features that make Cash advance apps like Klover popular is the no credit check offer and the ease of accessibility, either via web or app. In this article, we will review apps with similar features an more so keep reading.

Klover app review

Klover app review

Klover is an instant cash app that lets you access your paycheck early, offer cash advance among other financial planning tools to help you take charge of your finances, and even make money in app.

Before we take a look at the top 7 apps like Klover, lets first take a look at the full array of features that the Klover app has on offer. They include:

  • Cash advance of up to $100,
  • no credit check,
  • no interest on cash advance,
  • earn more points for bigger cash advance,
  • no payback period,
  • budgeting tools,
  • no hidden fees, and
  • android and iOS apps.

Apps like Klover

The following are apps like Klover and their corresponding features. Compare and contrast these with the Klover features listed above to see which is best for your cash advance needs.

1. Dave

Dave app review

Dave is not just another of the cash advance apps like Klover, but also offer financial tools for your overall financial health. You can get a cash advance of up to $250 to cover some expenses, take that lady on a date or buy gas.

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Dave features

Dave banking and cash advance app has the following features:

  • Cash advance of up to $250,
  • no credit check loans,
  • no interest,
  • no overdraft fees,
  • budgeting tool,
  • build credit score,
  • iOS and android app, and
  • work-from-home side hustles in app

2. Float Me

FloatMe app review

Float Me is an innovative financial app which through it’s tools, allows you to take charge of your finances. In addition, you also get access to their cash advance offers of up to $50, also known in app as the “Float”.

The ‘float’ amount you can access is displayed in your account and is dependent on many factors. It is interest free and has no fixed repayment term.

Float Me features

  • Cash advance up to $50 (Float),
  • no credit check,
  • no interest,
  • no fixed repayment term,
  • connect your bank account (supports over 10,000+ financial institutions),
  • manage your finances,
  • see your overdraft risk,
  • access your earned wages early, and
  • android and iOS apps.

3. Earnin


Earnin is a cash advance app that offers a simple means of accessing your earnings before payday. It can come in handy to pay bills, fill up the tank or sort other pressing needs. You can get up to $100/day or $500/paycheck to cover any expense.

Earnin features

Earnin is an app like Klover due to both having similar features. Earnin features include:

  • Up to $100 per day or $500 per pay period,
  • no credit check,
  • no interest, and
  • iOs and android apps

4. Possible Fast Cash and Credit app

Possible app

Possible is among the apps like Klover which offers quick access to cash, helps you build your credit history, and also avoid crippling bank fees.

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Possible allows you to borrow up to $500 in a matter of minutes and with a few clicks. There are no credit checks and you can access the cash even if you have bad credit.

Features of Possible fast cash app

  • Borrow up to $500 in affordable money,
  • no credit check,
  • no overdraft fees,
  • build credit history,
  • longer repayment term in installments, and
  • android and iOS apps.

5. Empower

empower app review

Empower is a financial technology company that offers it’s users financial products similar to those offered by apps like Klover. These products include cash advance of up to $250 and a line of credit from $200 which you can build up to $1000. This helps you build your credit history.

The Empower Card, which works with several ATM points across US allows you to access cash at no fees. You can also have access to your salary two days in advance, so you no longer have to wait for payday. You also earn rewards by using the Empower card such cashback offers.

Features of Empower app

  • cash advance from $25 and up to $250,
  • line of credit from $200 and up to $1000,
  • instant delivery available,
  • no interest,
  • no late fees,
  • no credit checks,
  • early paycheck (2 days earlier), and
  • iOS and android apps.

6. Cash Advance – Payday Umbrella

Next on our list of top 7 apps like Klover is the Cash Advance – Payday Umbrella. The highly secure financial app’s main focus is giving fast and easily accessible personal loans of up to $5000. Everything is online and you never have to show up in person.

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However, the loans offered are not interest free. APR rates start from 5.99% to 35.99% with a repayment term ranging from 3 months to 36 months.

Features of cash advance – payday umbrella

  • up to $5000 in small loans,
  • no queues and physical presence required,
  • credit score doesn’t impact approval
  • APR rates from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • Repayment period between 3 to 36 months,
  • no hidden fees, and
  • android and iOS apps.

7. Brigit

apps like Klover

Brigit is the final candidate on our list of apps like Klover. It allows you to access cash advance of up to $250 to spend on anything you wish. The app has two facets, the cash advance side and the personal finance aspect, which helps you build credit and manage your finances.

Users of Brigit can get access to credit builder loans that comes with a 0% APR and payment term of up to two years. The credit builder loans are issued by Coastal Community Bank in collaboration with Brigit cash advance app.

Features of Brigit

  • Cash advance of up to $250,
  • no credit check or security deposit,
  • no fees,
  • interest-free cash advance and credit builder loans,
  • no fixed repayment term,
  • Credit Score Tracker,
  • find a side hustle, and
  • android and iOS apps.


To conclude, the apps like Klover in our list have features that overlap with those offered by the Klover app. Depending on your personal financial management requirements and whether you intend to only access the interest-free cash advance or let the apps help build your credit and manage your finances, one of these apps will certainly suit your needs.

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