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OSCN is an abbreviation which in full, refers to the Oklahoma State Courts Network. It is a platform with an extensive database on legal research and court dockets. The platform covers Oklahoma legal and court documents, Wyoming legal and court documents, also including federal court case materials.

Through the OSCN full-text searching of their immense database, you can have full access to your court documents and records. The rationale behind the OSCN is to further safety, a transparent and open judicial system.

The website allows users to use full-text search through OSCN lookup in the database to find court records. Users of the portal can also have full access to the Oklahoma constitution and Oklahoma statutes.

OSCN offender lookup

OSCN net has use in many instances, such as being used by employers to search employee credibility, criminal and court background, property owners, educational institutions among others.

From the OSCN records, you can access criminal documents, civil documents, divorce cases and documents, probate cases, small claims among others. The OSCN case search website also has documents from OSCN Tulsa county and 17 other courthouses across Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma supreme court and Appeals court criminal and civil case records can also be accessed from the OSCN net website.

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www.oscn.net court daily

The OSCN case search Oklahoma website is updated in real time daily. This means as soon as a case docket enters the court system, OSCN website is immediately updated with the details of the case. It also effectively means the court daily dockets are readily available and you don’t have to wait for long before finding information in a court docket search.

OSCN Records on demand

The portal allows on demand search for court records, including OSCN divorce records, criminal and civil court dockets, among other cases that make it to courts within the jurisdictions under the OSCN coverage.

OSCN search – A guide on effective use of the portal

The OSCN search portal is user friendly, but if you are new to the platform, you will need a little bit of guidance to effectively search for the record in the shortest possible time.

In this article is a guide on how to conduct an OSCN case search, record search, access the Oklahoma constitution and statutes.

1. Oklahoma State Courts Network Lookup

The first step is to log on to the Oklahoma State Courts Network portal which can be accessed by entering www.oscn.net (or click the link provided at the end of this page) into the address bar of your browser. Click go and it should take you to the website. You can access the portal via your phone or computer.

2. OSCN case search

The Oklahoma State Courts Network Docket Search website is free and receives many yearly visitors who are looking to find their case dockets. To conduct a Court Docket Search, you need to have two essential information at hand.

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1. Search by Case Number

Having your case number makes it easier to locate your docket using the search function and requires no extra work. To do this, You have to:

  1. Open OSCN website
  2. Click on the court Dockets tab
  3. Click in the search bar located at the left side of the page
  4. Enter your case ID/number
  5. Select the county from the dropdown list and click enter
  6. If your case is in the database, it should be displayed in the results.
  7. Click on the case file to expand it for all the important details in the docket.
OSCN court dockets
Click on Court Dockets tab
OSCN court dockets search with case number
Enter case number

2. Search by name

In a situation where you don’t know the case number but still want to go ahead with the search, the option available is to do a general search with a name which is a party in the case.

This option is not specific, hence involves extra work because if other cases with similar names exist in the database for the county, all will be displayed too in the search. You will have the laborious work of combing through to find the right case file. To search with names of parties to the case:

  1. Open the OSCN website by visiting www.oscn.net.
  2. Click on the court Dockets tab.
  3. From the left side of the page, click on Search Dockets.
  4. In the next page, you’re given the option to narrow down your search by selecting the county via the dropdown list.
  5. Next, Enter the Last name and First name in the respective boxes if you know them all. (Entering only either a last of first name works, but will mean potentially higher results to comb through.)
  6. Click on Go at the bottom right of the page
  7. In the next page, all qualifying dockets bearing the names you entered will be pulled up.
  8. Comb through the results till you find the relevant case docket.
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OSCN court dockets search by name
Select County, Enter Last and First name

Being aware of the nature of the case docket, such as the substantive issue, e.g. Divorce, can help you identify the case you’re searching for easily among the lot.

If it turns out your court docket isn’t available on the platform, you can always walk in to the clerks office for copies at a small fee.

Court Dockets Search fees

If you’re looking to access hard copies of your docket from the court clerks office for your county, the following are the documents and their corresponding prices.

  • 1st page of Court docket = $1
  • Price per additional pages – $0.50
  • fee for certification = $0.50
  • Fee for authenticated copies = $5

OSCN official website link

You can visit the official website of the Oklahoma State Courts Network Docket Search via http://www.oscn.net


Courts across the US are becoming ever more transparent and accessible through the use of court management systems which allows clerks to have important court documents and proceedings available to the public almost instantaneously. Through portals like the OSCN and ODCR, accessing Oklahoma court dockets have been made quite easy.

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