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ODCR – On Demand Court Records Guide


You can find court docket information by Oklahoma participating courts on ODCR, which is the abbreviation for On Demand Court Records. The platform, just like the OSCN, offers free search of court records, making it very easy and convenient for individuals and attorneys to access public court records.

In this article, we will elaborate on how the ODCR platform works, how to use the platform to find court dockets and the packages for advanced access available to individuals and attorneys. Read on to know more.

ODCR Oklahoma

Search public court records from over 70 participating courts in Oklahoma via the free-to-use ODCR Oklahoma portal. The ODCR OK website can be accessed through the Official website odcr.com. There are three types of access granted users.

1. ODCR Free access

The free search version of ODCR allows users to do the following:

  • Search all participating courts
  • Perform partial name searches
  • Search for court dockets with case number
  • Look up court records using Filed date range
  • Gives full court docket information

2. Advanced Tools access

The advanced tools version provided by ODCR allows users to perform even more functions on the platform at a fee of $5 per month for unlimited access.

This version allows users to search and manage information through:

  • No-ad searches
  • Advanced ODCR search options including:
    • Searching by date of birth (month and year only),
    • City, state & zip search,
    • Filter of Outstanding warrant,
    • Search by offense or cause,
    • Search by case closed date range.
  • Monitoring Case & party,
  • access to your recent search history among others.
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3. Oklahoma District Court Image Access

Access to this version is limited to attorneys and legal professionals, granting access to scanned court records and dockets. To gain access, one must be an active member of their state’s bar association.

The court image access allows attorneys to:

  • have unfettered and unlimited access to scanned court images,
  • Allows the immediate view of scanned court documents,
  • It also allows the download & printing of full case filings.

How to use ODCR search

ODCR search
ODCR Homepage

Using ODCR to search for Oklahoma court records is quite simple, but if you don’t know your way around the platform, the following quick guide will be all you need.

To perform a search for public court records from participating courts in Oklahoma on the ODCR website, the following are the steps to take.

1. Visit the ODCR website

ODCR Ok official website is www.odcr.com. By entering this in the address bar, you will be taken to the homepage of the portal.

2. Enter case details

From the homepage, you can search for a court record on a case through the search form provided. Doing this requires that you have certain information regarding the case at hand. These information include:

  • First and last name of parties,
  • Court,
  • type of case,
  • Full case number,
  • filed date range and activity date

Having all these information will help narrow your search to the particular case. If you’re missing any of the case information, you can still go ahead and perform the search, but that means you will get more records in the search result page.

You can then scan through the results till you find the case you’re searching for. All you have to do is enter the information in their respective fields and click on the search button at the bottom of the page.

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3. Search results

Search results will be displayed in a page after clicking on the search button. From here, you can see the preview of information regarding the case. They include the specific court, case number, date filed, party, case and offense/cause.

You then have to click on the case record link to expand and view the relevant case information. Individual case pages show the following information depending on the classification of the case:

  • Name of judge
  • name of plaintiff/agency
  • name(s) of defendants
  • name of District attorney (DA)
  • case entries by court clerk
  • Calendar events
  • receipts and others

ODCR alternatives

There are several alternatives to ODCR, which may serve your state depending on the participating courts and coverage area. Some platforms are state specific.

OSCN Oklahoma

The Oklahoma State Courts Network OSCN is a portal dedicated to providing free access to court dockets in Oklahoma and beyond.

Missouri case net

The Missouri Case net is a portal that allows the public to access court records, docket entries, judgments, among other case information in public courts in the state of Missouri.

From the Casenet Missouri portal, users can search for case records using any of the following information:

  • Last name or business name of party,
  • First name of party,
  • Year case was filed.

Like OSCN and ODCR, the more information you input, the narrower and more specific the results will be. You can access the Missouri case.net website from here.

Mycase Indiana

My case Indiana portal is the repository of court cases and records of Indiana public courts that allows the public to access non-confidential case information, court dockets, case entries and other case-related information.

The participating courts must be using the Odyssey case management system. Court documents available on the platform spans criminal/citations, civil, family, probate and appellate cases.

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To start your court record lookup on Mycase Indiana, first visit the official website. Users can search for case details using three main search methods, namely:

  1. by case,
  2. by party,
  3. or by attorney.

Have on hand, relevant case info such as Case number, or citation number or cross reference number in order to search using the first option.

To search by party, you need the name of the party. A search by attorney also requires that you enter the name of the attorney. The more information you have on the case, the more specific your search result will be.

ODCR Arkansas

For court records, dockets and other judicial information in Arkansas, the ODCR Arkansas court records can be found on the CourtConnect platform.

CourtConnect is the online portal that allows the public to have access to Arkansas case information from courts using the Contexte management system.

To find case information on the ODCR Arkansas CourtConnect, the public can either search by name of the party or by the case number. Visit the Arkansas CourtConnect here.


The ODCR platform and alternatives like the Mycase Indiana and Missouri case net foster judicial transparency and allows the public to conveniently access court documents at the comfort of their homes. 

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