Law school newcomer: 7 Tips to guide you

law school newcomer

Congratulations, you finally got accepted into law school and you’re finally on your way to achieving your dream of becoming a lawyer, as a law school newcomer, you need to be guided on how to successfully complete your course while enjoying the experience.

Law school newcomer guide

These tips will prepare you for the task ahead as a law school fresher so you can avoid the surprises and set backs.


As obvious as it sounds, missing classes has a lot of disadvantages and could hump your smooth progress as not everything is treated in the readings. Topics are most often covered in-depth in class and you will also have the chance to ask questions you may have to make things even clearer to you. Missing classes may affect your grades as some schools use attendance as part of your grading.

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It’s no secret that as a law student, you will be reading a lot more extra pages than if you had taken other courses. That’s because of the numerous cases and laws that abound and you must be mentally prepared to read. It’s prudent to choose a place where the needed tranquil exist so you can focus while you read. It is important that you also review topics treated in previous class before the next one so you don’t forget.

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A more prudent way to approach the reading of cases is to brief them. Write down the important legal points of the case, the gravitas and the reason behind the court’s ruling. These are the salient parts of every case and what you need to note.


As the famous adage goes, failing to plan is planning to fail, so ensure you draw a plan on how you’re going to manage your time and how you would be studying each subject. By so doing, you will manage your time prudently and know when to do what.

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While studying alone may help you cover topics faster, it is also good to join a study group. Study groups help you cover areas where you might have missed or not paid particular attention to and also help compare ideas on how certain topics should be approached. Study groups also offers the opportunity to get help with topics you have difficulty grasping.

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Participate in class and ask professors to elaborate if you don’t understand anything. Participating in class is a great way to pay attention and follow the topic.

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Law school can be very stressful, with all the books you have to read, course work, reviews, seminars etc. All these can take a toll on you and you need to unwind all the stress. Eat healthy, have enough sleep and don’t miss the other side of school life.

This list is not exhaustive, there are things you will pick up along the way, whatever it is, make sure it impacts your academics positively and enriches your experience in law school as a whole.

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