What does Stay mean in legal terms?

What does Stay mean in legal terms

The legal profession has many terminologies that from the outside may seem to convey something different than their literal meaning, an example being the term “Stay”; so what does Stay mean in legal terms?.

what does Stay mean in legal terms?

Stay in legal terms refers to an order by a court halting proceedings of the court in part or entirely until a further, specified event takes place. A stay can be in various forms, A stay in proceedings and a stay of execution.

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Stay in Proceedings

A stay in proceedings order by the court indicates the hearings in court will no longer take place until such a time that the conditions for the stay are met. A court may give an order of stay of proceedings on it’s own accord or following an application brought before it by a party in the case. For a party to initiate the application process, an application must be made through the registrar of the court citing reasons why the court must grant a stay on proceedings. The court will, upon receipt hear the matter and make and make a ruling for or against the application.

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Stay in Execution

A stay in execution order refers to an order of the court temporarily suspending the execution of a ruling by the court.

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Other Law terms lawyers must know

Now that we know the answer for what does Stay mean in legal terms?, here are other legal terms and their meaning:

  • accommodation – This refers to an arrangement made as a favor to another, usually a party in a case, not for consideration
  • affirmative defense – refers to an allegation of a responsive pleading negating the allegations in a complaint
  • antitrust laws – This refers to Federal and state laws to for the prevention of restraint of trade or price fixing.
  • arraignment – Criminal hearing where the accused is formally charged and pleas before a court.
  • aver – to aver means to make an assertion, allegation or claim
  • deposition – refers to a Sworn testimony given in an verbal question & answer which has been transcribed by a scribe.

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