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Sua sponte meaning in law and other latin legal terms

sua sponte meaning

Law has a compendium of latin legal terms that are used in court, legal correspondence and in legal books, so if you came across Sua Sponte and wondering what it means, it’s uses in law and when it’s applied, this article is for you.

Sua Sponte Meaning

It is a latin legal term which means “Voluntarily” or “On one’s own accord” and usually used to define a decision taken by a court without a party having to bring it to the court’s attention.

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Applications and Uses

A quintessential application is the obligation on Federal courts to raise jurisdictional issues sua sponte when there is an indication that jurisdiction is lacking, even if the parties concede the issue.

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A court may decide to cause the broadcast of a hearing Sua Sponte if it deems the action necessary for public good.

Other Latin legal terms

Sine qua non – refers to an indispensable condition or part of a contract or agreement.

Pro forma – is a Latin term which literally translates to “As a matter of form” and is used in describing statements or conclusions based on assumed facts.

Fieri facias – refers to a writ directing a sheriff to reduce a judgment debtor’s property to money, often to settle the judgment amount.

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