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Top 7 affordable law schools in California 2023

Cheapest law schools in US

If you’re a California resident or outside the state and looking for affordable law schools in California that are also approved by the American Bar Association, this article is for you.

Law schools aren’t cheap to attend, therefore it makes perfect sense to look for affordable law schools that doesn’t require you to break the bank or drown yourself in student loans to attend.

Here is a list of the top 7 cheapest law schools in California to choose from. You will also find information on the tuition fees for in-state, out-of-state and where possible, part-time studies. Read on to know more.

Affordable law schools in California

As a fore-note, just because a school has an affordable tuition doesn’t mean the quality is below par. In fact, law schools have to meet specific high standards in order to gain the approval of the American Bar Association and the state bar to offer the law course.

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This list of the most affordable law schools in California is arranged by taking into consideration the In-state tuition fee where a school has separate fees for in-state and out of state students. Where a school doesn’t offer discounted fees for in-state students, the tuition fee stated is the amount considered.

1. Western State College of Law at Westcliff University

Number one on our list is the Western state college of Law at the Westcliff University. Full-time JD students at the law school pay a tuition fee of $43,120. This is the cheapest amount you can pay per academic year as tuition fee in California, in pursuit of a law degree.

Part-time students pursing law at Western state college of Law at the Westcliff University pay a tuition fee of $28,920 each academic year. It’s essential to know that, tuition fee is a part of the total cost of attendance, which includes living costs, books and others. Tuition fee however forms the biggest part of the cost of attendance.

2. University of California Hastings law school

The second most affordable law school in California is the UC Hastings law school. In-state full-time law students pay a tuition fee of $44,628 while their out-of-state counterparts pay $50,628.

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3. University of California Irvine law school

The University of California Irvine law school has the third lowest tuition fee in California. $50,130 is the fee full-time, In-state law students pay while out-of-state full-time law students pay $55,729.

4. UC Davis law school

University of California Davis law school is 4th on our list of affordable law schools in California. The school charges full-time California residents $50,582 while out-of-state students of the UC Davis law school pay $60,511 as tuition fee.

5. UCLA law school

A tuition fee of $50,624 is the amount in-state full-time students of the University of California Los Angeles law school pay while their out-of-state mates pay $56,223.

6. Golden Gate University law school

Next law school on our list of cheapest law schools in California is the Golden Gate University law school. Full-time law students offering JD pay a tuition fee of $51,500 while part time students pay $37,900 per year.

7. University of San Francisco law school

Placing 7th on our list of affordable law schools in California is the law school of the University of San Francisco. Here, in-state and out-of-state full-time students pay the same tuition fee of $51,730. Part-time students on the other hand, pay a tuition fee of $39,434 each academic year.

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How much is law school in California per year?

The minimum tuition fee a person studying law in California pays is $43,120 per year. Generally, in public schools, students who are residents of California pay a lower tuition fee compared with what out-of-state law students pay in California.


This list of affordable law schools in California considers the top 7 schools with relatively lower in-state or general tuition fee. The lowest tuition fee one can expect to pay to study law in California is $43,120.

Remember that tuition fee is not the only fee university students have to pay. There are other indirect fees, that add up to the tuition fee to account for the cost of attendance. Such indirect costs include rent, transportation, medical costs, books, entertainment among others.

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