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Kris Wu arrest – This Chinese rape law could land him 10 years in prison

Kris wu arrested in china

Kris Wu Arrest – Popular Canadian pop star of Chinese decent, Kris Wu has been arrested in China following rape allegations by a woman on Weibo which started last month, claiming she was sexually assaulted by Kris as a 17-year-old while a student at the Communications University in Beijing.

While Kris Wu has defended himself, by basically saying her claims are totally false, the Chinese authorities went ahead to execute Kris Wu arrest to assist with investigations into the rape allegations against him.

China and their rape laws

Chinese law frowns on sexual assault of any kind and prescribes strict penalties for any one convicted on such charges.

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The Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, particularly Article 139 states that: Whoever by violence, coercion or other means rapes a woman is to be sentenced to not less than 3-years and not more than 10-years of fixed-term imprisonment.

Rape of minors carry and even harsher sentence, one could be put to death for such a crime.

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The fate of Kris Wu in the face of the law following

Kris Wu’s situation could turn any in any direction depending on what investigations in China uncover over the course of time. As things remain, his case still remain allegations until proven otherwise and Kris Wu could be freed or police could go ahead and prosecute him, in which case he faces a prison time of up to 10 years if found guilty.

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The potential double jeopardy effect

With the coming into force of the global #meToo movement, it’s become obvious that popular men who have been implicated in sexual assault of some sort, lose it all, even if the allegations are never proven of never make it to court.

Already, Kris Wu has had his social media accounts with huge followings taken down following the release of a statement by Chinese Police after Kris Wu arrest and one can almost instantly tell that, that’s just the least of the storming coming for him.

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