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End of eviction ban – How to benefit from US rent assistance

eviction ban end US rent assistance

The end of eviction ban in the United States, a decree made during the peak of the pandemic is here and renters who are already behind on rent are on the verge of eviction.

The failure of congress to extend the ban means a lot of people will be hitting the streets soon as most people lost their incomes and jobs and are unable to pay up.

While the federal moratorium has ended, some states like New York has eviction bans in place till September for people hit hard by the pandemic, but to benefit, one must apply by submitting the hardship forms.

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Rent assistance package by congress, an alternative after end of national eviction ban

All may not be lost yet, as renters could benefit from a congressional approved stimulus package of $45Billion in US rent assistance.

If you fear you could be forced out of your home for being behind on rent payment following the end of eviction ban, then you could apply for the US rent assistance package which offers up to 18 months of rent assistance.

US Rent Assistance Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the funding, you must,

  1. Have at least a member of your household be eligible for unemployment benefits or have a written attestation declaring income loss or undue expenses owing to the pandemic.
  2. Demonstrate a risk of being evicted, which may include a past-due rent or utility notice.
  3. Have an income level for the year 2020 not exceeding 80% of your area’s median income. (Priority will be given to applicants whose 2020 income fell below 50% of the areas median income).
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Obviously, not everyone may qualify for the rent assistance package but that’s not the end. If you face imminent eviction, seek the help of a lawyer to evaluate your legal options.

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