How Cuomo could face recent New York harassment law he signed


New York governor, Andrew Cuomo is under hot public scrutiny following findings by a state investigation that he sexually harassed multiple women.

“Our investigation revealed that the Governor’s sexually harassing
behavior was not limited to members of his own staff, but extended to other State employees, including a State Trooper on his protective detail and members of the public” the 168 page report said.

The accusations against Cuomo

Among the accusations include a trooper who joined the PSU who said the Governor sexually harassed her on a number of occasions, including by:

(1) running his hand across her stomach, from her belly button to her right hip, while she held a door open for him at an event;

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(2) running his finger down her back, from the top of her neck down her spine to the middle of her back, saying “hey, you,” while she was standing in front of him in an elevator;

(3) kissing her (and only her) on the cheek in front of another Trooper and asking to kiss her on another occasion, which she deflected; and

(4) making sexually suggestive and gender-based comments, including asking her to help him find a girlfriend and describing his criteria for a girlfriend as someone who “can handle pain,” asking her why she wanted to get married when marriage means “your sex drive goes down,”

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Calls have been rife for Andrew Cuomo to resign. While the governor who has been hailed for his superb handling of the pandemic in New York has struck a defiant tone, it seems losing his post may just be the least of his troubles.

The 2019 law he championed

In August 2019, under Cuomo’s governorship and his active participation, legislation was passed which provides new protections against harassment, especially harassment of sexual nature.

The new legislation states harassment does not need to be severe or pervasive to be against the law.

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Even though the investigation’s report makes no referrals to criminal prosecutors, it’s evidence and findings could be used by local authorities to pursue cases against the New York governor.

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