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How to manifest someone you desire in 4 quick steps

How to manifest someone or something

Knowing how to manifest someone you’re crushing on is a massive move in your love life. It is obvious how love sparks up life and lights a candle of hope. But how do you get that special someone or something to be your yours?

Manifestation requires that you follow some steps to bring into reality, the wishes and aspirations which can be someone or even money. Well, here are the powerful tools you can use to manifest someone, manifest for others to like you, manifest money among other dreams and desires. Stick around to learn more.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation refers to the process of transforming desires and wishes into real and tangible things through the power of the mind. Your state of mind is a major factor in the manifestation process, after all, as Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it, “you are what you think all day long”.

You achieve manifestation through several universal laws including the law of attraction, the law of assumption and others.


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How to manifest someone or something

Manifesting a specific person is a delicate yet possible task, if only you put your mind to it. In other words, how bad you want that person is all the motivation you need to follow these steps to manifest easily.

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1. How to manifest someone using the law of assumption

The law of assumption is a means to manifest desires through the employment of the state of mind. The law simply says that your state of life reflects your state of mind. If you can believe that what you want is already yours, then manifestation is bound to happen.

Knowing how to manifest someone with the law of assumption requires four important steps.

  • A clear mind – A distracted mind has difficulty focusing on a single thought. Choose a calm environment, preferably with some music appropriate for meditation. This helps prepare a fertile environment in your mind for the thoughts that’s about to flood it.
  • Condition your mind – This step involves conditioning your mind. This is where you flood your mind with thoughts, not with the person, but you, feeling the fulfillment and happiness as though you had the person you want to manifest already. This is the assumption state.
  • Believe – Believing in  your state of mind and what you’re feeling to be true is essential to the manifestation process.

2. How to manifest someone using the law of attraction

Energies abound in the universe. These energies have the power to bring things into being, if properly channeled towards a specific aim. The law of attraction says that you attract what you think. If you’re constantly thinking about the negative, you end up with negative stuff.

A positive mindset yields positive results. To use the law of attraction to manifest someone, you have to know how to channel your positive energy. You can do these as part of the manifestation process:

  • Clear goals – What you want to achieve must be clear to you from the onset. ambiguity breeds divided attention, you don’t need that. What you need is laser-focus on the end result you want. You can do this by writing your goals in your notebook.
  • Be Positive – Having doubts about the possibility of manifestation is the essential ingredient for disappointment. Be positive and affirm that it is possible to be loved by that special someone and that you deserve their love. Such positive energy causes positive vibrations and when that matches the frequency of your desires, manifestation will happen.
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3. The Power of affirmations

Affirmations are a daily reminder that you can manifest someone. It also serves as a dose of positivity to help you in your manifestation journey. The power of affirmations is subtle but powerful. It helps keep a fertile mind environment which can focus on the set goals in pursuance of manifestation.

Have a list of affirmations that have three main themes running through them:

  • Possibility – Your affirmations must pass a message to your subconscious that it is possible to achieve those goals, desires and wishes. This helps you to stay positive.
  • Worth – The affirmations must be able to speak to you each day that you are worthy to have those desires. This helps remove self doubt.
  • Ability – Last but not least, affirmations must speak to your abilities. It must tell you that you have the power to manifest those desires.
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4. The power of proximity

If you can’t wait for the universe to make the match, you can step in and help the universe help you. Stepping in means making a move towards that someone that you want to manifest. This works in collaboration with the principles of the law of assumption and the law of attraction to speed manifestation of the specific person.

People like to be with people they know. Introducing yourself, or getting in a position or place where visual, physical and auditory contact is possible, can make it super easy for manifestation to take place. Such proximity enables them to see your smile, your demeanor and how lovable you are.

It also enable you to employ your innate biological attraction instincts that come naturally to everyone. This gives a lot of clue to the other and can induce them to vibrate on the same level. Proximity also enables synchronization of attraction vibrations. When the vibrations reach a uniform frequency, the universe connects the two of you instantaneously.


What you can visualize in you mind’s eye is as good as being real. Knowing how to manifest someone is the first step to a world where you can manifest many things including money. It takes a receptive mindset and work towards the set goals, knowing well that the universe is backing you in your quest.

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