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Elon Law School admission, acceptance rate and tuition

Elon law school

Since its establishment in 2006, the Elon Law School has been in the business of providing legal education to students within North Carolina, while also serving out-of-state and international students too.

The location of the school is Greensboro in North Carolina. Among the notable lawyers who had their law education at the Elon Law school, as rated by SuperLawyers, include attorney Erik Ashman, Kyle M. Blodgett, Jennifer K. Dixon, Jason Aycoth, among others.

Elon Law School ranking

The Elon law school ranks 135th among the 193 law schools ranked by US news. State-wide, the law school places 5th on a list of 6 Best law schools in North Carolina. Elon Law school has a bar pass rate of 82% for first-time takers, that’s according to data from the 2021 North Carolina bar exam.

Elon Law School acceptance rate

The law school of the Elon University has an acceptance rate of 35.9%. This refers to the number of applicants given admission offer to study at the Elon law school.

From the 2021/2022 first year JD class profile, the faculty received 920 applications, out of which 171 enrolled. This brings the enrolment rate to 18.5%. The acceptance rate is an indication of the competitiveness of the application process. With this in mind, you can then ensure a comprehensive application to boost your admission chances.

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Elon Law School Tuition

The tuition fee students of the Elon law school are expected to pay is $47,358 per academic year. The school is a private school and only runs a full-time law school. There are merit-based scholarships that needs no separate application. All successful applicants are automatically considered for the scholarship.

It is essential to note that other fees such as board, books, entertainment among others, will add up to the total cost of attendance.

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Elon Law School admission requirements

Law schools have stringent admission requirements that applicant’s must meet in order to be considered by the admissions team; Elon law school is no exception.

These admission requirements allow the admission team to assess your suitability as a student and your potential to pursue and succeed in the legal profession. These requirements generally scrutinizes your academic, personal and professional qualities as an entity an as compared to the credentials of other applicants.

Academic requirements

You must be a holder of at least a Bachelors degree in order to be considered for admission. The degree can be from any field, so long as the awarding institution is duly accredited by the relevant academic body. Transcripts of your academic record must be submitted as part of your application through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) platform.

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Elon law school LSAT score

Applicants to the law school must submit tests scores of their Law School Admission Test (LSAT). A median LSAT score of 152 will be a boost to your application. Even though the school doesn’t state a minimum LSAT score applicants must have, a competitive LSAT score is always a big factor in law school admission decisions.

What GPA score do I need for Elon Law school?

A median final GPA score of 3.31 will serve as great boost to your law school application. While no GPA cut-off point is set by Elon Law, a good GPA score is always a mark of strong candidates for admission.

In evaluating your GPA at undergraduate level, the Admissions Committee will consider many factors that influenced your grades over your academic career. They will also see how your grades compare to those of your classmates from the same institution, the difficulty of the undergraduate institution or degree program, as well as whether or not one worked while in college.

Recommendation letters

Among the admission requirements is submission of recommendation letters from people who can testify to your academic and professional capabilities.

At least one letter must come from a professor who taught you at the undergraduate level and can testify to your academic abilities. A minimum of 3 recommendation letters must be submitted as part of your application.

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Personal statement and resume

Applicants, as a requirement, are to submit a personal statement and resume. The statement must cover motivations, and what personal characteristics and experiences you believe make you an ideal candidate.

The resume must discuss your employment history, leadership roles and any community or extra-curricula activities you have participated in.

Elon law school deadlines

The school operates a rolling admissions system. The following are important deadlines applicants must take note of.

  • September 1 – Applications Open
  •  January 5 – Early Decision deadline
  • July 15 – Regular Decision deadline

Elon law school class profile

The class profile of the 2021/2022 first year JD class of Elon University law school is as follows.

Elon law school class profile


The Elon law school in NC is a great institution for legal education. Application is quite straightforward and with the guidance of the information provided in this article, you will find it a lot easier preparing an application that is comprehensive enough to afford you a better chance at admission.


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