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35 Powerful Law of Assumption Affirmations For Faster Manifestation

law of assumption affirmations

Law of assumption affirmations are like a booster for manifestations to be realized faster as one follows the principles of the law as explained by Neville Goddard.

The universal law of assumption states that one can bring into reality, what they assume and believe to be true. In effect, your state of mind can be your reality if you believe it’s true.

The principles of the law requires a clean and positive mind, something that’s sometimes hard to achieve for many as a result of the negative energy that surrounds us.

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Law of assumption affirmations

Using the law of assumption affirmations, one can inject positivity into their life which in turn positively affects the state of mind. These affirmations create a fertile and positive mind environment for the manifestation of assumptions.

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1. As I assume, so shall it be

2. I deserve all the good things in life

3. My desires are valid

4. Everything is possible

5. I control the trajectory of my life

6. Surely, my desires are accomplished

7. What I can feel, is already mine

8. Nothing can hold me back

9. My reality is what my consciousness says

10. My consciousness is a subject of my belief

11. I believe my assumptions are true

12. I have the power to assume the best

13. I’m immune to negative energy

14. I’m thriving no matter my circumstances

15. I’m fearless

16. What I assume will manifest

17. No external energy can stop my manifestation

18. I am bold to assume

19. I hold the key to my manifestation

20. I am powerful

21. I am strong

22. I can accommodate drastic change

23. I am persistent

24. I persevere

25. No one can be in my way without my permission

26. I give permission for all I desire to come to me

27. My desires are good for me

28. I feel my desires manifested

29. I deflect all opposing energies

30. The physical senses obeys my consciousness

31. I’m ready for a positive shift in my life

32. I let go of holdbacks

33. I embrace my new self

34. I shape my assumptions

35. I have received my assumptions


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How many times should you repeat an affirmation?

Repeat the law of assumption affirmations at least twice a day. It is good practice to spend between 3-5 minutes a day repeating your affirmations.
The best times to speak out your affirmations is first thing out of bed and the last thing before going to bed. Doing it this way ensures that your subconscious is tuned for the day, and as you sleep.

Should you say affirmations out loud?

That’s a resounding yes. say the affirmations out loud. Say them out loud because belief is affected by several senses, hearing is a an indispensable part of it.

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As you listen to yourself speak out your affirmations, it helps you to believe even more which is the purpose of affirmations and a trigger for manifestation.

Writing down the affirmations can also be helpful as many people also have the ability to remember stuff better when they write them down. Of course you’re not supposed to remember everything, the target however is to repeat these positive law of assumption affirmations so much so that they become a part of your vocabulary.


To conclude, law of assumption affirmations help the process of manifestation. What is most important about affirmations however, is not the vain recital, but the strong belief in the words for a positive impact. Combine these affirmations with the principles of the law of assumption to see a manifestation of your desires.

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