BC Assessment – How property assessment works and how to register

BC assessment - property assessment british columbia canada

BC assessment is the authorized platform for the assessment of properties in the province of British Columbia to determine the property’s value.

A property assessment report is required to determine the amount of property tax to be paid to the government of British Columbia.

BC property assessment

An assessment by bcassessment doesn’t only indicate the value estimate of the property, but also the classification and other applicable exemptions.

The property classification is a description of how the property is primarily utilized. This is determined by its ownership and usage. A property can be classified as homestead, commercial, agricultural among other classifications which impact the amount of tax due.

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To estimate the value of a property, bcassessment considers factors such as:

  1. The current condition and age of the building
  2. Location of the building
  3. Topography of the land
  4. Size of the property
  5. Shape
  6. Primary use.

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BC assessment authority

Established in 1974, the BC Assessment Authority, a state owned corporation, was the creation of a unanimous recommendation by the provincial government all-party committee. The Committee called for the establishment of an independent property assessment entity in British Columbia.

The authority of bcassessment to assess and provide estimates of the value of properties therefor emanates from the British Columbia government, and is the sole independent assessor of properties in BC for property tax determination.

Your property assessment is mailed to you in January of every year. Usually, the property assessment received is an estimated value of the property as of July 1 of the previous year.

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How to appeal a BC property assessment

Bcassessment report is not necessarily final. If you have questions or disagree with a property assessment notice, direct queries through their website for prompt response.

Furthermore, if that doesn’t resolve the issues, an independent appeal process can be initiated.

A Property Assessment Review Panel will listen to your concerns and make a determination as to the validity of your concerns or otherwise. The outcome will affect how much tax is due as property tax.

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BC assessment search

The bc assessment search is a tool on the website for searching similar properties within your neighborhood for the purposes of comparing value estimations.

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The search function allows you to search for an assessment of a property using the property ID, roll, plan and civic address. It allows you to search properties on a map and compare property information and assessment values.

How to register and use BCassessment

Bc assessment - How to register
BCassessment.ca registration page

BCassessment.ca is the website you have to visit, register and initiate the property assessment process. To register:

  1.  Visit www.bcassessment.ca
  2.  To the top right, click on register
  3.  Enter your email address
  4.  Confirm the email
  5.  enter your preferred password
  6.  confirm the password
  7.  check the “I’m not a robot” box, and complete the challenge if presented
  8.  Click on submit.

That’s it. You’re in.

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