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Geico Jewelry insurance cover – Should you go for it?

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Jewelries are precious and expensive with some valuing more than money can buy as they serve as a piece of memory that we would like to keep forever, or at least have our interest in the jewelry protected in the event of the unforeseen; so should you go for the Geico Jewelry insurance?

Geico Jewelry insurance

The decision to get an insurance for your jewelry could be your best bet to secure your interest in the unfortunate situation where you find your expensive jewelry stolen, damaged or even lost.

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If you would like your jewelry replaced when lost or stolen, or you would like it repaired when it’s damaged, then Geico Jewelry insurance could be the best cushion.

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Geico Jewelry insurance premium

While the insurance premium on your jewelry may differ from state to state and the price of your precious jewelry, Geico insurance generally pegs the premium per year at 1-2% of the total price of the jewelry. A Geico insurance card will be given following the purchase of the policy.

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