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Boston University Law School Admissions, Acceptance Rate and Tuition

Boston University law school

Established in 1872, Boston University Law school is a top US law school that has an outstanding faculty that is nationally recognized for its teaching and the highest quality of scholarships.

The faculty offers more than 200 seminars and classes, 20 plus externships and clinics including 20 study overseas opportunities. BU Law offers a full-time JD degree with five master’s and LLM degrees and the option of 16 double degrees.

Boston University law school ranking

The law school of Boston University is ranked 20th on the top us law schools by US news and 15th on the list of top schools law firms like to hire from.

Boston University law school is also one of only 17 law schools in the United states that’s ranked in the top 100 law schools in the world by QS World Univ. Ranking. The Boston University law school ranking places it among the most prestigious law schools in the US and around the world to receive education in pursuit of a career in law and that’s evidenced by the 94.5% bar pass rate of BU Law graduates.

Boston University law school acceptance rate

BU Law school has an overall acceptance rate of 25.9 percent of those who sought to study the law program at Boston University, according to data from the class of 2019/2020.

In 2021/2022, however, for the JD class, out of 8240 law school applicants, the University admitted 318 applicants, resulting in a 3.86 percentage acceptance rate.

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You must be aware regarding the BU law acceptance rate because it is an indicator of the amount of competition in the admission process. It also shows the considerable efforts you have to put into your application in order to increase your chances of acceptance.

Boston University Law school admissions requirement

A variety of factors are considered when evaluating applicants for admission to the BU law by the admissions team. The team consider academic qualifications, GPA, LSAT, and additional requirements to help determine your suitability to succeed in the law program. Below, we go over the requirements in more detail.

Academic requirements

As an applicant to the JD program at Boston University law school, you’re required to posses a minimum of bachelor’s degree/baccalaureate degree. During the electronic application process, you’re to submit your academic transcripts through LSAC. All applicants are to register with the Law School Admission Council Credential Assembly Service (CAS).

If you hold undergraduate degree from outside the United States or Canada, you must submit your international transcripts to LSAC Credential Assembly Service for verification and evaluation. Additionally, you must provide proof of English Language Proficiency by submitting the results of IELTS or TOEFL.

Boston University law school LSAT

An average LSAT score of 169 or better will give your application a better chance. Even though Boston University doesn’t state a rigid LSAT score that qualifies applicants, it must be noted that a good LSAT score is an essential factor that influence admission decision.

From the 2021/2022 first year JD class at the Boston University law school, the LSAT profile is as follows:

  • 25th Percentile LSAT score: 165
  • Median LSAT score: 169
  • 75th Percentile LSAT score: 171
  • Range: 148-180
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What GPA score do I need for Boston Law school?

A median GPA of 3.77 or better will enhance your application to study JD at the BU Law school. Again, there’s no fixed GPA cut-off point, but applicants must know that GPA score is another important factor in the admission decision making.

The GPA profile for the 2021/2022 BU law class saw a 25th percentile GPA of 3.53, a median GPA of 3.77, a 75th GPA of 3.87 and range of 2.3-4.11.

Recommendation Letters

You are required to submit at least two letters of recommendation via the Letter of Recommendation Service at LSAC. BU Law accepts up to four letters of recommendation via the LSAC Letter Recommendation service that is an integral part of CAS registration. It is advised that each recommendation letter be written by someone who has taught you in a formal postgraduate or college course.

The BU law Admissions Committee acknowledges that it could be difficult to obtain letters from a professor at an undergraduate level in the event that it’s been a substantial period of time since you completed your degree. In such cases it’s okay to ask for the letters from your employers.

Boston University law school personal statement

It is a requirement that you provide a personal statement in your application. The personal statement should address the most significant personal, professional or academic events which have influenced your decision to pursue a law degree. Personal statements typically are about two pages in length. Double-space your personal statement as well as any essays that you choose to include.

Optional Essay: As a supplement to the personal statements, you might want to submit any additional information in your optional essay. This essay gives you the opportunity to write about the aspects of your background or personal experience which you believe will increase your capacity to contribute to the rich BU class and the BU community.

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You must also include your complete resume as part of your application.

Boston University law school tuition

JD tuition fee at BU law is pegged at $59,380 for the 2021/2022 academic year. Other fees including student fees and living expenses will bring the yearly expenditure to $81,140.

Kindly note that the figures quoted are for the 2021/2022 academic year and are subject to change for subsequent academic years. The full tuition breakdown is as follows.

Tuition and Fees Living Expenses
Tuition $59,380 Books and Supplies $1,462
Student Fees $1,338 Room and Board $14,590
Transportation $1,120
Personal Expenses $3,050
Direct Loan Fees $200
Total $81,140

Boston University law school class profile

The class profile for BU Law 2021/2022 class is as shown in the info graphics below.

Boston University law school class profile

BU Law application deadlines

September 1 – Fall application Opens (Rolling admissions)
November 10 – Early decision application deadline
January 5 – BU Bound Binding Decision application deadline
April 1 – regular decision application deadline


Gaining admission to the Boston University law school is in itself an achievement as the it offers one of the best programs in the US and the world. Go ahead and submit a comprehensive application following the guidelines.

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