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BBC Documentary on University professors scandal – Here’s why they will go scot-free


For starters, BBC’s documentary wasn’t done at whim, and their targets weren’t picked at random so if that’s what you thinking then let me clear your doubts for you.

Preliminary investigations were done to assess individuals within the various institutions most likely to be found as perpetrators and this is on the basis of previous history of the investigated act and past records.

As a good friend of mine always say and i quote ”there are many fishes in the sea but fishermen know what specific fishes like so they use that interest as bait to get them” and that’s what we are witnessing now.

Now let me list my reasons why the Prof may survive this;

1. Prof Gyampo isn’t complicit in this case because the alleged “student” is not directly under his tutorship therefore there’s no way he can have any influence on her grades thus the narrative BBC is trying to push won’t fly.

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2. BBC was counting on using appeal to emotions to sway the public but what they didn’t factor is the part of the world this investigation was being conducted and that’s a huge blow to them. Whenever there is an issue against any public official in Ghana, by default the public is divided into two groups namely those who are for and those who are against.

The interesting thing here is both factions are evenly distributed and the next step is to produce an overwhelming evidence to convince the 25% who can be swayed to the for or against demographics which in this case is in favor of the “for group”, but the problem here is BBC was too hasty and produced too many loop holes in their investigation, so much that the 25% aren’t convinced.

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3. Professor Gyampo can’t be charged with harassment either because there was no sign of any to begin with.

4. The only strong case here is breach of ethics but even that is very shaky and is exclusive to the university’s board to make that determination which is very likely to fall flat.

If i were Professor Yaw Gyampo i wouldn’t even bother addressing the public through the media because that will be a waste of everybody’s time, i will rather focus on convincing the university’s board to ignore the poor attempt by the BBC to entrap me and focus on the bigger picture of where we want to take our noble institution.

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For the general public, well a scandal usually have a social lifespan of 7 days and a max of 2 weeks so i will just take a break with permission from the university of course to travel to either Maldives or Sao Tome with excuse of dealing with the trauma and cool off while letting the events die a natural death.

In the end, this is a win for Prof Gyampo because the BBC lacked patience. I am hoping he invites me to the victory party of showing his Ghanaian haters the middle finger. But if BBC do have extra videos then things will take another interesting turn which i can’t wait to observe.

Writer: Agyemang Duah Kweku Jr.

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