Top 10 Kansas bankruptcy lawyers with free consultation

Kansas bankruptcy lawyers on this list offer free consultation and may be available for video conferencing. If you live in Kansas and face bankruptcy, these attorneys are more than ready to assist you.

Going bankrupt can be a devastating time in one’s life. Having no idea where or how to start the bankruptcy application process can exacerbate the situation. That is why we have compiled this list to help you reach out to competent bankruptcy attorneys with authorization to practice in Kansas.

Who is a Bankruptcy Attorney?

A bankruptcy attorney is a lawyer with the requisite training and experience who specializes in helping people with the legal process of filing for partial or total debt relief when one is financially incapable of honoring debts to their creditors.

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Kansas bankruptcy lawyers

This list shows the top 10 Kansas Bankruptcy lawyers with free consultation. Their years of experience ranges from 10 to 44 years. This list is not exhaustive.

1. David Adams


He is a lawyer of good standing with over 30 years of experience in Bankruptcy, personal injury and malpractice. Adams has several great reviews. Lawyer Adams handles Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Debt Relief. David Adams offers free consultation and is available for video conferencing. Contact:  (913) 782-5500

2. Ryan D Knipp

Kansas Bankruptcy lawyer
Ryan D Knipp – Kansas Bankruptcy lawyer

With 13-years of experience under his belt, Ryan Knipp is a highly reviewed Bankruptcy lawyer with a license to practice in Kansas and Missouri. “Ryan Knipp is one of the finest attorneys in the Kansas City area,” Fellow lawyer David Dean wrote about Lawyer Ryan. Ryan D. Knipp offers free consultation and is available for video conferencing. Contact: (816) 239-2439 

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3. Malissa L. Walden

Malissa L. Walden bankruptcy lawyer
Malissa L. Walden – Kansas bankruptcy lawyer

With 18 years of practice experience, Ms Walden’s main practice area is asset protection through Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. She is a layer of good standing and with excellent reviews. Malissa L. Walden is an Attorney / Partner at Walden & Pfannenstiel, LLC. She offers free consultation and video conferencing. Contact: (913) 438 1112

4. Kristina S Crump

Kristina Crump Kansas Bankruptcy lawyer
Lawyer Kristina Crump

Lawyer Kristina Crump has ten years of practice under her belt specializing in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Debt Relief. Kristina Crump is a partner at Coons & Crump LLC  and offers a free consultation. Contact: (316) 330-5771

5. John Harper

John Harper

Lawyer John Harper has 15 years of experience practicing law with a specialization in bankruptcy. He is licensed to practice in Kansas and offers free consultation and video conferencing.

John attended the Washburn School of Law. He worked as a paralegal in the office of a bankruptcy attorney while a student. He has been practicing consumer bankruptcy law since 2006. Contact: (785) 354-8188

6. Norman E Douglas Jr

Norman Douglas Lawyer

Bankruptcy practice, Personal Injury in Kansas, Norman E Douglas has the requisite knowhow to handle your bankruptcy case for the best outcome. Norman offers Free Consultation and Free initial case evaluation. Contact: (800) 836-3617

7. David Prelle Eron

David Prolle Eron - bankruptcy lawyer
David Prolle Eron bankruptcy lawyer

Lawyer David Prelle Eron is a certified Business Bankruptcy Attorney with 18 years of practice experience. He is highly reviewed and offers free consultation and video conferencing at client’s request. Contact: (316) 262-5500

8. Patrick Wiesner

Patrict Wiesner bankruptcy attorney

With over 29 years of legal practice under his belt, Patrick Wiesner specializes in Bankruptcy and his practice jurisdiction includes Kansas. You will be treated to a free consultation. Contact: (913) 642-2240

9. Stephen M Johnson

Stephen Johnson - Kansas Bankruptcy attorneyLawyer Johnson is an attorney at Johnson Law KC LLC, a bankruptcy attorney who also specializes in Appeals and Appellate and Business Law. He has 11 years of experience.

Contact: (913) 707-9220

10. Mark W Neis

mark neis bankruptcy attorneyMark Neis is a practicing Kansas Bankruptcy attorney with 44 years of experience. He specializes in Bankruptcy Law. Contact: (785) 354-1471


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