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Santander for intermediaries affordability calculator: How it works

The Santander for intermediaries affordability calculator lets you know before hand if you can afford a mortgage loan from the Santander UK bank, according to the information you feed the calculator.

The mortgage affordability calculator is very useful as it allows you to input your financial, employment, asset and expenses information in the calculation process to access your suitability to access the mortgage facility on offer.

What is Santander for intermediaries?

Santander for intermediaries is a platform set up by the Santander Bank UK give clients access to all the tools and services such as Mortgage loans and mortgage repayment.

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The platform also allows interested brokers and mortgage administrators to Register as a Santander broker or Register as a Santander mortgage administrator.

Santander UK Bank

Santander UK is a large commercial and retail bank located within the UK and is a fully owned subsidiary of the world-renowned financial institution Banco Santander.

How to use the Santander for intermediaries affordability calculator

The Santander for intermediaries affordability calculator is comprised of four stages, namely:

  • Mortgage Details
  • Income
  • Commitments and Expenditure
  • Results

1. Mortgage Details

Here, you have to input information on mortgage details including whether the application will be a single or joint application, the number of financial dependents, mortgage type (purchase or remortgage), method of repayment etc.

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santander affordability calculator
Stage 1

2. Income

At this second stage, the income of the applicant is assessed. These include Annual gross and net income, monthly deductions among others.


Stage 2 (A)
Stage 2 (B)

3. Commitments and Expenditure

The commitments and expenditure section of the affordability calculator requires the input of data to assess client’s financial commitments and expenses.

Credit commitments, school fees, rent, service charge among other expenses are required to help in assessing client’s ability to afford a mortgage.

Santander for intermediaries affordability calculator: Stage 3

4. Results

The final stage of the calculator shows whether one can afford the mortgage, according to the information fed into the Mortgage affordability calculator by Santander for intermediaries.

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Using the calculator is pretty simple and useful in giving you an output that’s as accurate as the information you feed it. Therefore to ensure you don’t get a false positive or false negative result, make sure only accurate and true data is input during all the stages.

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