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Russia Ukraine military power comparison 2022

Russia Ukraine

The Russia Ukraine conflict that’s resulted in the invasion by Russia, has seen the two countries test their military might. Ukraine is defending its borders from Russian soldiers who have invaded and have been bombarding the nation.

But can Ukraine match the might of one of the world’s most powerful military and nuclear Power with its complementary military equipment, spending power and personnel on the ground?

Below is how Ukraine measures against its aggressor, Putin and his Russian army, the full war chest of Russia and Ukraine and how this would contribute to the failure or success of Ukraine at repelling the invasion.

Russia Ukraine Military comparison

The 2022 Russia Ukraine conflict is ongoing and so far, Ukraine have managed to slow the momentum of Russian Military power. The following statistics show how Russian and Ukrainian military compare against each other.

Russia Ukraine military power comparison
Source: Aljazeera

1. Russia Ukraine Military Personnel Comparison

Russia: When it comes to Military personnel, Russia has an active military force of 900,000 with a reserve force of 2,000,000.

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Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky’s Ukraine on the other hand has an active military force of 209,000 while its reserve force numbers up to 900,000.

This means Russian easily outnumbers Ukraine when it comes to military personnel, both active and reserve. What the people of Ukraine have, however, is the will and courage to fight the invasion. Every man of fighting age is being mandatorily drafted into the army to fight.

2. Artillery

Russia Ukraine military power

When it comes to artillery power, Russia again out-powers Ukraine with a stash of 7571 compared with the 2040 artillery Ukraine has at its disposal. It must be noted that since the start of the Russian invasion, many countries have donated many military equipment including artillery to Ukraine.

3. Russia Ukraine Tanks and Armored vehicles

This is yet another front that Russia leads in the ongoing war Russia is waging against Ukraine.

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Russia: Tanks numbering 12,420 and armored vehicles 30,122
Ukraine: Tanks number up to 2596 while armored vehicles are 12303.

4. Attack Helicopters and Fighter Jets

Ghost of kyiv

Ukraine’s attack helicopters and fighter jets pale in comparison to the number available to Russia.

Russia has attack helicopters numbering 544 and 1511 fighter jets while Ukraine has 34 helicopters for attack and 98 fighter jets.

5. Military budget

Russia Ukraine military spending

Russia is a huge militarized nation given its tensions with the west. It spends a substantial amount of it’s annual budget on its military and security. Ukraine on the other hand, has a comparatively limited budget for military spending.

Russia: Putin’s government has an annual military spending of $61.Billion which accounts for 11.4% of government spending.

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Ukraine: Zelensky’s Ukraine spends $5.9billion on its military which amounts to 8.8% of government spending.


It’s evident that the Russia Ukraine conflict will drag on for longer than anticipated. Ukraine is obviously doing all it can to push back Russian soldiers but the sheer military power of the Russians means without help, the inevitable may happen.

The west have given and promises to give a lot of military equipment in support of the people and territorial sovereignty of Ukraine. Hopefully, that may change the course of the Russian war against Ukraine. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is also in violation of several international laws.

Reference: Global firepower

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