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McGill University Law school admissions – Requirements, Fees and Deadlines

Mcgill University Law school admissions

Making it through the McGill University Law school admissions process should bring you much joy as McGill University is one of Canada’s most prestigious schools with a law faculty offering a BCL/JD program and graduate law degrees.

To gain admission however, one must know the requirements for each program in order to adequately prepare a comprehensive application for a better chance at admission.

McGill University Law school programs

McGill University Law school offers the following undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Bachelor of Civil Law/Juris Doctor (BCL/JD)
  • Master of Laws (LLM)
  • Doctor of Civil Law (DCL)

McGill BCL/JD admission requirements

To have a better chance at making it through the McGill University Law school admissions process, applicants to the BCL/JD program must have the following minimum educational background.

  • Have a minimum of 60 credits of university studies,
  • a diploma of collegial studies (DCS) from a Quebec College of General and Professional Education (CEGEP). Students with a French Baccalaureate from Quebec (Collège international Marie de France, or Collège Stanislas) are also eligible to apply.

Candidates from a French Baccalaureate program completed outside of Quebec, or who are finishing high school are not eligible to apply.

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Even though the admissions requirement states having 60 university credits qualifies a candidate to apply, it must be noted that the average BCL/JD candidate admitted has completed an undergraduate degree.

There are no minimum cut-off points for GPA, LSAT score and R-score. Nonetheless, since McGill University Law school admissions is highly competitive, only candidates with outstanding academic records, in addition to their other qualities are admitted. The following tables are to serve only as a reference for potential students.

CGPA scores of University and Mature, 2020 incoming class

CGPA Percentile Scale 4.0 Scale
Class Average 86% 3.8
Highest 94% 4.0
Median 87% 3.8
Lowest 75% 3.0

LSAT, 2020 Incoming Class

LSAT Score Percentile
Average LSAT 165 91.7
Highest 179 99.9
Median 165 91.7
Lowest 150 44.4

Language requirements

McGill’s BCL/JD program is offered in a bilingual environment. Candidates must demonstrate that they are at least passively bilingual, which means that they have at a minimum an advanced intermediate level of reading and aural comprehension of both English and French.

Passive bilingualism is a minimum requirement, not a competitive admissions asset.

Personal statement

Applicants must submit an essay of a maximum of 750 words, referred to as the Personal Statement.

Curriculum vitae

Applicants are required to submit a CV highlighting:

  • Academic background and achievements;
  • Work experience;
  • Volunteer and community work;
  • Extra-curricular activities, sports, hobbies, and other significant interests.


Two (2) references are required. The Admissions Committee does not accept additional references.

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McGill University Law school admissions – How to apply

Candidates must apply to the BCL/JD program using McGill University’s online application system. A non-refundable application fee of $122.52 is required to complete the application. This can be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). Read McGill University’s application guide for full details.

The online application system opens on September 1 and closes on November 1 (University and Mature applicants) and March 1 (CEGEP applicants) of each year. To avoid unnecessary processing delays, please read the help sections of the online application carefully. Transfer applicants should email the Faculty of Law’s Admissions Office if unable to apply online.

Once you have applied, an acknowledgement notice will be sent to the email address indicated on your application within 48 hours. If you have not received your acknowledgement notice 3 days after completing your application, you should contact the Admissions Office at the Faculty of Law by email.

Summary of application process

1. Submit your application form online

2. Verify the status of your application on Minerva

3. Upload supporting documents on Minerva

4. Review of application by Admissions Committee

5. Admission decisions

McGill University Law school fees

Deciding to pursue law does not only require ambition and determination, but also financial ability. The following fees for the BCL/JD program are reference only. Typical annual fees based on 30 credits taken during Fall and Winter terms.

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Fees for Quebec residents

Tuition 2,725.20
Society & other fees 645.38
Student Services / Athletics & Recreation 677.08
Registration / Transcripts & Diploma / General Administrative Charges 372.45
Copyright Fee 30.90
Information Technology Charge 264.60
SSMU Health & Dental Insurance 345.00
Total Fees

Fees for Non-Quebec Canadians

Tuition 8,505.60
Society & other fees 645.38
Student Services / Athletics & Recreation 677.08
Registration / Transcripts & Diploma / General Administrative Charges 372.45
Copyright Fee 30.90
Information Technology Charge 264.60
SSMU Health & Dental Insurance 345.00
Total Fees 10,841.01

Fees for international students

Tuition 49,171.80 47,026.20 45,192.30 39,361.20
Society & other fees 645.38 645.38 645.38 645.38
Student Services, Athletics & Recreation 677.08 677.08 677.08 677.08
Registration, Transcripts & Diploma, General Administrative Charges 372.45 372.45 372.45 372.45
Copyright Fee 30.90 30.90 30.90 30.90
Information Technology Charge 264.60 264.60 264.60 264.60
SSMU Dental Insurance** 150.00 150.00 150.00 150.00
International Health Insurance* 1,047.00 1,047.00 1,047.00 1,047.00
Total Fees 52,359.21 50,213.61 48,379.71 42,548.61

McGill University Law school admissions deadline

McGill’s on-line application system opens on September 1 for the following Fall semester. The table below shows the deadlines for all the applicant types.

Applicants to First Year (Fall term) Application deadline Supporting document submission deadline
University & Mature November 1 November 8
Cegep & Quebec French Baccalaureate March 1 March 7

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