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32 Manifestation Affirmations For Specific Person And Money

manifestation affirmation

The words we speak to ourselves each day aren’t just words but forces that have the power to make or break us, that’s how manifestation affirmation operate. They help us manifest our deepest desires and bring to life the good things that we dream of.

But how do you apply manifestation affirmations to your advantage to improve your finances, get back an ex or get that specific person to run into your arms?.

This article is here to guide you on what affirmations work faster, how to apply manifestation affirmation and secrets behind how they work. Keep reading to know more.

Manifestation affirmation

Affirmation manifestation

Affirmation manifestations are positive and uplifting words that are repeatedly spoken, to quicken the sub-conscious and natural forces to help in the manifestation of desires. They are used as part of the practice of the laws of nature such as the law of assumption and the law of attraction.

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The secret behind manifestation affirmation is that, by the practice of consistently repeating these positive, inspiring and motivational affirmations to yourself, your belief in self, and the power to manifest your desires are quickened such that your manifestation is realized faster.

How manifestation affirmation works

For those who know the law of assumption, manifesting through it requires that one has belief that what their desire is already manifested. Affirmations help you sustain the belief to prevent self doubt from setting in.

You may be of the opinion that you don’t deserve all the good things you desire, but the truth is, it is a bad way to think. Our thoughts and words carry energy and positive energy beget positive things.

That is why manifestation affirmations are essential in bringing to realization, your desires such as a specific person, money or love. One mistake people make is, they sit down in wait for manifestation, forgetting they can tilt the forces of nature their way through action.

So, even as you employ the principles of law of assumption and law of attraction, and the manifestation affirmation, also take action towards the goal, knowing the laws of nature are in your favor.

Love affirmations for a specific person

Love affirmations for a specific person

If you have your eyes on a specific someone and doesn’t know how to get them to return the same attention, you can solicit the help of the forces of nature through the law of assumption affirmations and law of attraction and by applying the affirmations to attract a specific person.

The principles of these laws, when coupled with manifestation affirmations, can match the energies of both of you for physical manifestation.

The secret to manifesting a specific person is not to wish for them, but focus on your self, the happiness and fulfillment you will have when you’re connected with the specific person.

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Another important factor is to assume and believe that you have been connected and already enjoying all the benefits of the relationship you wish to have with the specific person. Based on this, you can write your own affirmations in addition to the those listed in this article.

The following are some 12 love affirmations for a specific person.

1. I’m worthy of love

2. I deserve to be loved

3. My heart is ready for love

4. I will live a fulfilling life of love

5. We are imperfect but we’re perfect together

6. I will not be a stumbling block to my happiness

7. The universe has united us in love

8. I’m capable of loving unconditionally

9. I’m connecting with my soul mate

10. I will be united with my soul mate at the appointed time

11. I harbor no grudges and my heart is for love

12. I welcome a loving and healthy relationship

Money manifestation affirmations

money manifestation affirmations

There’s no limit to what can be manifested through affirmations and the laws of nature. The principles are the same, what changes are the purpose and the wording. Money manifestation affirmations help to fast-track the realization of your financial desires.

If you’re in a financial fix, having a solid plan coupled with manifestation affirmation can catapult you to results that will surprise you. It all starts with belief in self and the energy in the forces of nature to propel you to your desires.

People who can benefit from money manifestation affirmation include those with self doubt about ever getting out of their woeful financial situation, people who are of the opinion that they don’t deserve to be wealthy, people conditioned that it’s okay to be poor, people who are conflicted about their urge to be rich being good or evil, people who think money is evil, among many others.

The following 10 money affirmations will help you focus, keep a mind free of doubt and help manifest your money desires.

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1. I am worthy and wealthy

2. I open doors to financial freedom in my life

3. Money is not evil

4. Earning more money is needed for me to give more

5. My share of the worlds wealth will come to me

6. I am financially set free

7. I am be prosperous

8. Money overflows in my account

9. I step into wealth from poverty

10. I am a money magnet

Does affirmations work?

The simple answer is Yes. Affirmations compliment the forces of nature to hasten manifestation by conditioning your sub-conscious to stay positive and expect your desire to be realized because you’re worthy of it.

Manifestation affirmation shores up hope and helps you stick to the principles of the law you’re applying to get your desires manifested. The mistake people make is that, they affirm but sit around waiting, instead of moving in the direction of the force.

Not doing anything while you seek manifestation will only make it seem affirmations don’t work. If you’re seeking to manifest a specific person, make a move, get closer, talk to them, be nice to them and when the energies align, you will see them return the attention and you will get your manifestation.

Impatience is another factor that can make affirmations seem not to work. Things take reasonable time, including manifestation. While you practice the principles of law of attraction and/or law of assumption and complement it with manifestation affirmation, also allow reasonable amount of time for things to fall into place.


Manifestation affirmation is a helping gear to the realization of your desires. The underlining principles have been discussed which can help you write and practice your own affirmations for quicker manifestation.

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