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How to scare insurance adjuster for maximum compensation

How to scare insurance adjuster

In your bid to get the highest compensation possible from an insurance company, it is necessary to know how to scare an insurance adjuster.

Getting compensation for personal injury following a negligent accident isn’t always straightforward. Insurance companies hire insurance adjusters whose duty is to ascertain the veracity of your claims, the extent of your injuries among others and report back to the insurance company.

While insurance adjusters may come across as sympathetic and friendly, it’s important to remember their duty is to, as much as possible, deflect blame and ensure their employer is only liable for as little compensation as possible.

Games insurance adjusters play

Games insurance adjusters play is towards getting you to take blame of some sort in order so their employer doesn’t have to give you so much in compensation or anything at all.

These tricks and games include:

  • Appearing to sympathize with you and being friendly.
  • Striking a conversation which may seem casual but can be used against you.
  • Making an offer and claiming it to be the best compensation you can get.

How to scare insurance adjuster

If you have sustained an injury from the negligent behavior of another, compensation for medical expenses, damage to your property, lost wages and suffering could be on the line if you allow an insurance adjuster to trick you into taking blame or watering down your claims.

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Knowing how to scare insurance adjuster can be helpful in getting a fair compensation for your injuries and loss. The following tips can help you when dealing with an insurance adjuster.

1. Get a personal injury attorney

how to scare car insurance adjuster

First step in how to scare insurance adjuster to get a fair claim is getting yourself legal representation. Personal injury attorneys build a career helping clients get the maximum compensation possible from insurance companies and other liable persons or entities.

In their line of work, they deal with a lot of insurance adjusters and have therefore, extensive knowledge in countering their tricks and blame-deflecting questions. An adjuster may try to downplay the importance of hiring an attorney in your insurance claim by saying it wouldn’t affect the outcome, but that’s another of their mind-games.

Getting an attorney will not reduce your compensation, the attorney will however ensure that you get the maximum possible compensation for your injuries and loss.

2. Let your attorney provide the answers

Next point on how to scare insurance adjuster is by forwarding all correspondence to your attorney. Insurance adjusters will try to have a conversation with you that may seem casual, but be warned, anything you say can be used against you.

Do not sign any document unless your attorney have reviewed and okayed it. Decline to be recorded if you accept to have a conversation with an insurance adjuster.

They will try to ascertain the extent of your injuries, how you’re feeling and if you have or will soon return to your normal activities. How you answer these seemingly harmless questions could be pivotal to your claim. That’s why it is important that you refer all these questions to your attorney.

3. Document everything

how to deal with an insurance claims adjuster

Any step you take following the accident should be well documented, as these will serve as your chief evidence to support your claims. Receipts, appointments, prescriptions, etc should all be properly documented and where possible, copies must be provided to your attorney.

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Regular and schedule appointments to your physician is important and must be documented. Where possible, book such appointments with a physician who knows your pre-accident state of health and can therefore spot changes following the accident and report same.

Proper documentation is a good way of scaring an insurance adjuster because it leaves them with little wiggle-room when the evidence of your injuries as determined by a licensed physician is staring them in the face.

4. The first offer isn’t the final offer

games insurance adjusters play

Insurance adjusters may offer you a compensation package, sometimes even telling you it is the maximum compensation you can get. That’s a palpable lie.

Your attorney may be able to help you get a much higher compensation than the amount being offered. Discuss all offers with your attorney before accepting anything.

How to negotiate with insurance adjuster

Successfully negotiating with insurance adjuster can significantly improve the amount you’re given as compensation. To achieve this, there are several steps you must take to present a strong claim.

1. File a claim

The foremost step in negotiating with insurance adjuster is to file your claim to the insurance company following the accident.

2. Have your documents ready

Just as previously discussed, having well-organized documents will go a long way to support your claim. Documents such as photos of the accident, medical reports, medical bills, police reports, witness statements, repair estimates among others will be essential to your claim and must be compiled.

3. Insurance demand letter

Essential to the process to negotiate with insurance adjuster is to submit your demand letter to the insurance company. The letter will state the estimated amount you’re seeking as compensation for your injuries, medical expenses and loss. Ensure to include all supporting documents.

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4. Decline the first offer

The real negotiation starts here. As previously intimated, the insurance adjuster will make an offer of settlement which may be painted to you as the best offer, but it will be in your best interest to reject it.

Insurance adjusters usually present the paltry offer to test your negotiation skills and may take advantage of you if you exhibit a weakness in negotiating. Here’s where you have to know how to scare insurance adjuster for a fair compensation.

5. Let your attorney handle it

This is to buttress the point that, insurance adjusters hate to deal with an attorney because they know they can’t have their way with them. Hiring an attorney is in your best interest. An attorney is the best option if you’re looking for how to scare insurance adjuster to offer you the best compensation possible.


Knowing how to scare insurance adjuster can translate into a fair compensation. No matter how friendly and sympathetic an insurance adjuster may be to you, remember their loyalty lies with their employer and their duty, is not only to inquire into the veracity of your claims but sometimes, to get you to admit guilt through tricky questions.

Always rely on an experienced personal injury attorney when dealing with an insurance adjuster to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible.

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