How to move out at 18 – A step by step guide

How to move out at 18 guide

Turning 18 in most states marks the beginning of adulthood and if you’ve reached this age and wants to move out at 18 from your parent’s house, there are certain things you need to do in preparation for the big day.

In this article, we will discuss the step by step procedure to move out at 18, the legal consequences and what you should prepare for as you go solo. Keep reading to know more.

Age of Majority meaning

The age of adulthood, also known as Age of majority is the legal age at which a person is no longer a minor. While the age of majority may differ based on country or state, across the US, the base legal age of adulthood is 18 years.

When a minor attains legal adulthood, they are allowed to exercise certain freedoms that was impossible while considered minors. These freedoms include no longer requiring a legal guardian, ability to vote and stand to be voted for into a political office.

Accompanying these freedoms are also responsibilities. once you turn 18, you are solely responsible for your actions an inactions and you face similar consequences adults face when, for example they’re convicted for committing a crime.

It is therefore imperative that as a young adult, you have a mentor or parent around to guide you through this new phase of your life. But if you decide to move out at 18, the law allows you to do so and no one can stop you.

How to move out at 18

Moving out as a teenager has its benefits such as setting your own rules, no curfews, no parental restrictions. Teenagers usually look forward to these freedoms.

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If you have made the decision to move out at 18 as you transition into adulthood, you have to get some things in order, as you go out to face the real world outside the protection of your parents or guardian. The following will help you plan and execute your move and help reduce the shock that most people without a plan face.

1. Talk to your parents/guardian

how to move out at 18 with little moneyYour parents are the first people to inform of your decision to move out at 18. It is not only proper to do so but with their blessing, you’d have a much smoother transition. Discuss your plan with them, tell them why you want to move out and how you plan to sustain yourself and stay safe.

Getting the approval of parents, family and friends, although not required, will bring in a lot of help that will be pivotal to your transition.

Moving out at 18 with little money will make it all the more harder, but if you have the consent of your parents, they will certainly support you financially if you ask for it.

2. Plan and budget your move out at 18

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Being on your own requires that you will, for the first time, be responsible for all your needs including food, shelter, bills, clothing, safety among others.

Moving out at 18 with little money

It is important to start planning ahead of time. Where you would like to move out to, what is your expected living expenses and how you would cover them, your income sources among others. Typically, start planning 6 months to 1 year ahead of your envisioned move out day to ensure you have the upper hand.

You have to contact movers, find out how much they charge for moving your belongings to your new location, find out how much bus and plane tickets cost if you’re moving to a new state. This should give you a sound idea of how much moving will cost you.

3. Living expenses

Living expenses is an umbrella term that encompasses accommodation, transportation, insurance, bills, Feeding, clothing and entertainment. All these require funds to have, and you must research on how much it would cost to afford all these basic living expenses as part of your resolve to move out at 18.

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4. Start building your credit

how to build your credit score

If you intend to move out at 18, you must start building your credit score. With a good credit score, you can easily get approval for credit cards and also get better rates. The easiest way to start building your credit score is to become an authorized user on a credit card whose original owner has a good credit history.

By so doing, you get to latch on to their credit to build your own so when you eventually move out, you are able to easily get approval for your own credit card. This is where discussing with your parents can be beneficial.

An alternative is to go for a secured credit card which is quite easy to obtain approval for and yet, still helps in building up your credit score.

5. Find a means of earning an income

move out at 18 without money or parental consent

As already indicated, if you move out at 18, you will be responsible for your own expenses. Having a side hustle will bring you needed income to support the payment of rent, utilities, feeding and other expenses that your parents have always covered.

You can start off doing part time jobs if you’re still in school. Alternative source of income can include online jobs such as blogging, vlogging on YouTube, and affiliate marketing which you can even grow to become a sizable source of income.

6. Rent your own place or find a roommate

An essential part of moving out at 18, is where you move to. You need to secure accommodation. You have to pick a neighborhood and start your hunt for a place to call your new home. Remember that renting your own place can be expensive. If your savings aren’t enough, you can ask family and friends for top up in the form of a loan or gift.

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Alternatively, you can bring your cost of renting down by finding a roommate. You will split the cost of renting and bills with your roommate which will drastically reduce how much you spend on accommodation and bills. You can start your search on online real estate portals like roomster.

7. Moving day

How to Move out at 18

When the big day for you to move out at 18 arrives, it can get little emotional and at worst, overwhelming. It is normal to second-guess your decision to move out, but you will have to trust in your own preparation.

Being able to make a decision, prepare for its implementation, execute and take responsibility for the consequences is an essential part of adulthood. On that day, say your goodbyes to family and friends and get going.

If possible, have a parent, guardian, family member or close friend accompany you to help you settle in, and also get to know where you stay for emergency purposes. If you don’t want that, you can alternatively, let your emergency contacts have your new address.

Settling in can be a bit difficult but that’s how it is for most people who move out at 18. For the first time, you’re on your own. Some of the things you have to do at your new location include:

  1. Setting up your utility’s accounts
  2. Changing your mailing address on relevant accounts
  3. Buying essential home equipment such as comfy mattress, tables, kitchen ware among others if apartment is not pre-furnished
  4. Find the location of the closest grocery stores, malls and gyms.


You’re legally permitted to move out at 18, since most states peg the legal age of majority at 18. If that’s your intention, you must start planning and budgeting ahead of time, so you’re not surprised when the day finally arrives. This article discusses how to move out at 18 without much stress.

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