Top 10 funniest laws in the US you won’t believe existed

Society is a progressive one and laws are supposed to reflect the growth and progress made since those laws were enacted but some laws are simply funny when viewed through the lens of society today, and in this post we bring you
the Top 10 funniest laws in the US.

Drunk Man

1. Can’t remain drunk or get more booze from another bar

This might sound counter-intuitive and dumb but that’s why it’s number 1 in our op 10 funniest laws in the US. If you thought so too, you’re right. What’s the purpose going to the bar if not to get some booze in the body right?. Well not in Alaska, IF YOU’RE DRUNK ALREADY.

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According to the Laws in Alaska, a person who is already drunk should not be allowed to enter a bar to get more booze or remain in a bar where he got drunk in the first place.


2. Say Arkansas right

The laws of the south central US state of Arkansas requires that you mention the state’s name right.  The right way to pronounce Arkansas is to do so in 3 syllables, the ending “s” is silent, the “a” in each syllable must be with the Italian sound, and the accent on the first syllable and that of the last.

3. Real should pickles bounce

According to a 1948 legislative article in Connecticut, A pickle cannot be sold to the public unless it bounces. The backstory to this piece of legislation occurred when two unscrupulous pickle packers tried to sell pickles “unfit for human consumption”. The Food and Drug Commissioner of Connecticut at the time defined a real pickle as one that “bounce” when dropped from the height of one foot, a pronouncement which led to this new state regulation.

4. Don’t eat fried chicken with fork

You heard that right, Georgians are so proud of their chicken that you’re not allowed to eat fried chicken in Gainesville with your any cutlery. It was a publicity stunt law introduced in 1961. In 2009, a 91-year old Louisiana tourist was actually arrested for forking a fried chicken. For her punishment, her arrest citation ordered her not to get up from the table until she mastered the proper techniques for consuming this succulent delicacy, “down to and including the licking of the fingers upon the ingestion of the last available morsel.”

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5. Keep those body contours to yourself, No Tight pants in New York

Wanna go all Kim Kardashian on New Yorkers?, Hell No. The law is here to stop you from shining. Embedded in New York laws is a piece of legislation that prohibits women from wearing tight clothing. So keep those leggings in your closet when going out, New York doesn’t want to seem them.

6. Don’t eat another human, no matter how tasty they look in Idaho

Worthy of being among our 10 funniest laws in the US is an active statute banning cannibalism in the US state of Idaho. So no matter how tasty-looking your brother’s calves are, you have no right to take a bite at them.

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7. If you’re not a shellfish, don’t steal catfish

Unless you just can’t resist it, want a criminal record on your file or want to dole out $3,000 in fines in addition to earning the nickname SHELLFISH, don’t attempt stealing catfish in Louisiana. State law prescribes a punishment of up to 10-years jail time or $3000 if your catfish bounty is worth over $1500.

8. Margarine is not butter, don’t say it is in Iowa

Punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $625 fine, is a law that bans the passing off margarine, oleo or a combination of the two as butter. It’s considered a misdemeanor so before you think about it, remember how rough jail can be and how much $625 is hard to come by.

9. No snow missiles in Topeka, Kansas

Even though former mayor of Topeka, Kansas Bill Bunten claimed he was going to have the law repealed, it may still land you in trouble to throw snow balls at people or property thanks to a law in the Topeka criminal code which bans the throwing of stones, snowballs, or other missiles in Topeka.

10. Don’t waltz to the anthem in Massachusetts

Though the tune of “Star Spangled Banner” anthem may get to your head and awaken your patriotism, you’re barred from dancing to it. A 1917 law meant to whip up patriotism. The first amendment however will save you from any punishment if you forgot and danced to it.

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