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Best Cash App Names And CashTag Examples

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Cash App names, also known as $CashTag is the special means by which users can receive or send payment to others on the Cash App mobile payments platform. Every individual who signs up for Cash App must choose a $CashTag which will be the unique identifier of the person’s account for inbound and outbound payment processing. Choosing Cash App Names can be hard for some people but can also be exciting as you can choose a really cool $CashTag which is also easy to remember so you don’t have to refer every time. However, there are some limits to what characters can be in your $CashTag name. In this article, we explain the guidelines for choosing good Cash App names, some Cash App CashTag examples and address some frequently asked question. Kindly read on to know more.

What is $CashTag?

A $CashTag is a feature on Cash App which allows users to choose a unique username which then becomes a dedicated URL that family, friends and business partners can send money through with ease. For example, a user with the cashtag $mvtechs will have a CashApp url as https://cash.App/$mvtechs. CashTag removes the need to use email address as a unique account identifier, making it easy to remember. Users can choose Cash App names they like as their $CashTag so long as it’s not taken already by other users. However, there are a few rules that apply when choosing Cash App names. They are:
  1. The Cash App name must be between 1 to 20 characters.
  2. special characters such as  “!”, “%”, “@”, “*”, “^” are allowed.
  3. It must include at least 1 letter.
  4. if you’re using a phrase as your Cash App names, the first word must start with a small letter, all other words must begin with a Capital letter. Example: $itsRainingMoney.
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Cash App Names

Choosing Cash App names can stress some people out as they struggle to come up with a simple and easy to remember CashTag. The following really cool $CashTags can give you an idea and guide you to choose Cash App names that suits your personality or business.
  • $jackSparrow
  • $makeItClap
  • $dreamChaserSince99
  • $iBallBigTime
  • $moneyFirstManifest
  • $cryptoMintGuy
  • $dontStopWinning
  • $coolCatLover
  • $growWinGlow
  • $damnImTheMagic
  • $timeToPayUp
  • $grindAndVibe
  • $idealInMoney
  • $smoothAndSilky
  • $cutishDuck
  • $hardWorkSoftLife
  • $mamaRaisedAMan
  • $lifeTraveler
  • $gameTheGame
  • $running4president

Good Cash App names

A good Cash App name is short, easy to remember and fits your person or business. Choosing a complicated name means you will struggle typing it off-head without reference which can be a time waster. Below are some good Cash App names.
  • $strokeOfLuck
  • $streetBankroller
  • $semiCrazyDude
  • $everythingOnGod
  • $cunningGrinder
  • $theAplhaMan
  • $rockNWill
  • $letTheCashFlow
  • $slimNotShaddy
  • $makeMoneyGrow
  • $sideHustle
  • $highOnCash
  • $wolfAttack
  • $dragonDaddy
  • $seasonChange
  • $tacticallyGifted
  • $theThreeMillions
  • $warriorGame
  • $moneyHunter
Please note that there’s no guarantee that these Cash App names are available. Feel free to get creative in choosing your $Cashtag so long as it follows the rules and most importantly, if it is available.

Cash App names to request money from

Requesting money from random cashtags is not advisable. Unless a person or a business is running a promo or doing giveaways and explicitly instructs that you request money from the cashtag they provide, then there are no cash app names to request money from. However, if you wish to request money from Cash App names of family, friends or business associate that you know, the steps below will guide you to achieve it.
  • Start the Cash App on your iPhone or Android device
  • Next, Tap on the dollar sign “$” tab.
  • Here, you input the amount you wish to request, and tap on the “Request” button
  • Next, you can select single contacts or multiple contacts to request money from
  • Next step involves either entering the Cash App names ($Cashtags) or email and phone number to find the associated accounts to request money from
  • Finally, tab on the green “Request” button after you have selected the Cash App Names to request money from.
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Cash App bank name

Cash App in its nature is not a bank, but a payments service provider. It therefore uses an intermediary bank to facilitate the payment, deposit and receipt of money into your account. The Cash App Bank name is Lincoln Savings Bank. If you’re looking to do a direct deposit or have your employer deposit your paycheck directly to your Cash App account, follow the quick and easy steps below to get it done.

How to deposit money into Cash App account

You can deposit money into your Cash App account at most banks in the US. The steps involved are:
  1. Open your Cash App
  2. Go to the Banking tab on your Cash App home screen
  3. Next, you have to tap on the routing and account number below your balance
  4. Use the options to copy your account and routing numbers
Walk into any bank near you and when asked to provide a bank account for the deposit, use the account and routing number you copied from the process above.

Direct deposit of paycheck into Cash App

You can ask your employer to deposit your paycheck directly into your Cash App account by following these steps.
  1. Go to the Banking tab on your after opening Cash App
  2. Tap Direct Deposit
  3. Select Get Direct Deposit Form
  4. Fill out your employer information, the amount you would like to be deposited from each paycheck, and provide your signature
  5. Choose the Email Form and input the recipient address before tapping on the send button
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Your completed direct deposit form can be viewed at any time by tapping Get Direct Deposit Form from the Banking tab and selecting View Previous Form.

Can someone hack your cash app with your name

It is impossible for someone to hack your Cash App with your name. This is because your account on Cash App is associated with your email, phone number and password. To login into your account, a hacker or scammer will be required to provide these. With this in mind, the first step in protecting your account is by keeping your email, phone number and login credentials safe. You however, have to be on the lookout for scammers and hackers who use social engineering to either get you to give them your Cash App credentials or to send them money. Such activities can include phishing attempts and fraudulent money-flipping schemes. Always make sure you use the official Cash App application from either the App store or Playstore. Also under no circumstance should you share your login details with others, especially people pretending to be from Cash App support.


Cash App names are an easy way to send or request money from another user as they are unique identifiers of accounts on the platform. It’s easy to generate a CashTag by following the Cash App Cashtag examples provided in this article. Even though Cash App is great, you can also consider these apps like Earnin which are a great alternative to Cash App.

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